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We’re a wealth management business that puts long-term relationships and trusted financial advice at the centre of everything.

We are CSOPI Funds 

Complete Financial Planning and Investment Service

You may be looking for the best way to achieve financial security for you and your family. Perhaps you’ve already built up your investments, and want them to be looked after by professionals. Or you might be seeking ways to consolidate different pensions or maximise your retirement income, while considering how to provide for the next generation.

Whatever your requirements, we’d be delighted to help. With an emphasis on service and excellence and a national presence, we offer a complete range of solutions via our experienced team of financial planners and investment professionals. With over 40 years’ experience of helping clients to manage their wealth, you can trust us to support you at every stage of your journey.


Retirement Planning

We can help you build the wealth you need to achieve financial independence in later life – and maximise your income in retirement.


Investment Planning

From managed funds to bespoke, personalised portfolios, our experts will create the right solutions for you.


Protecting Your Family

Can you put a value on peace of mind? We can show you the best way to protect your income, your family and your business if the unexpected happens.


Estate Planning

Without adequate inheritance tax (IHT) planning, your loved ones could be left with a high tax bill. We work with you to advise the planning options and reliefs available so that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

We Provide The Best 

Investment Management for You

At the heart of our service is our investment expertise. Every investor, irrespective of the amount they invest, benefits from the same rigorous, disciplined, institutional-quality approach. We never forget whose money it is, and are always focused on giving you what you want – whether that’s growing capital, generating income or planning for the next generation.
For investors with £10,000 or more, our investment funds offer a broad range of solutions, whether you’re investing for income or growth.

Our Funds

For investors with £10,000 or more, our investment funds offer a broad range of solutions, whether you’re investing for income or growth.

Corporate Bond Income Fund

The Corporate Bond Monthly Income Fund is designed for investors whose main priority is to receive a regular, monthly income from an investment with a lower risk profile.

Defensive Growth Fund

The Fund’s performance is not expected to be reliant on particular market conditions. The investment team aims to achieve the fund’s objectives by investing in a portfolio which is diversified across different investment themes, investment strategies, asset classes, geographies and markets.

Global Growth Fund

The Global Growth Fund mainly invests in a concentrated portfolio of global companies. The Fund is mainly invested in large and middle sized companies that are aligned with the attractive investment themes identified by the fund manager but can also invest in global smaller companies for additional growth potential.

Diversified Fund

The Premier Diversified Fund invests across a broad range of different assets designed to produce the potential for attractive long term growth which will include fixed income (bonds), equities (company shares), property investments and alternative investments.

Income Fund

The Fund seeks to produce an income that is at least 10% above that of the FTSE All-Share index with a strong focus on companies with the potential to outperform in terms of dividend growth over the long-term

Multi-Asset Conservative Growth Fund

The Multi-Asset Conservative Growth Fund is designed for conservative investors. The emphasis is on trying to provide capital growth with significantly less volatility than investing in a traditional equity portfolio.

At the heart of our service is our investment expertise

Our investment expertise is based on institutional disciplines, a firm belief in the value of active management, a strong and principled culture and a diversified, multi-asset approach.

Why Choose CSOPI Funds 

Managed Portfolio Service

The Managed Portfolio Service includes five distinct strategies, each with its own risk profile and performance objective. You can choose to focus on income, growth, or a blend of both. For added flexibility, you can switch between the portfolios as your requirements change.
All of the portfolios are well diversified by both geography and asset class offering what we believe is the optimal mix of equity, fixed income and alternative type funds to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns. Asset classes perform differently at various points in the economic cycle so investing across a range of assets gives you exposure to a wider set of opportunities while also reducing risk.

Our investment team works in partnership with our research team to select the best risk-rated funds to perform well in a given environment. The team has a successful track record and benefits from institutional-level research capabilities. Selecting the right managers is a complex process and the research team have developed a proprietary risk-grading system for fund selection. This ‘Close Score’ monitors manager and fund performance and enables us to deliver institutional-level manager research.

This has a lower cost entry point and is available for clients who have £30,000 or more to invest.


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